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Get the Skills You Need

Finish with Less Debt

Get the Life You Dream Of

Join Making Education Possible (MEP)

and use the three steps to less debt!

With student debt topping 1.4 trillion and growing, students are facing massive education debt. As a MEP member, you can avoid or reduce education debt, and get the skills you need to pursue the life you have dreamed of.

Start with a Plan
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Do you want to get credit for your experience?  Do you want to know what schools will give credit for what you already know? Our automated degree planning platform DegreeQuest compares 400+ schools that will award you the most credit so you can fast track your degree.  FREE degree plan with membership.

 Get Discounts
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Did you know that major universities offer tuition discounts?   MEP members get discounts on college tuition, textbooks, test prep, certifications and everything you need to complete your education. MEP members get access to hundreds of discounts on life's essentials and some FUN stuff too!

 Less Debt
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What if you could complete a year of college (or more) by testing out of courses? You can pass these exams by using our test prep partner SpeedyPrep and get a discount!  Over 2,900 schools accept testing out and you’ll save an average of $800 per college course.  You can finish college with less debt!

Members have access to the best discounts & resources in higher education. 
  • Access to free resources: Library of videos, members only discount shopping portal, free college courses, links to hundreds of scholarships, and more.
  • Discounts - On college tuition for over 25 colleges and universities, test prep for CLEP, DSST, Excelsior College Exams, certificates, training and life's everyday necessities.
  • And So Much More...

How much can you save?

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Get Free eBook "Reduce College Debt"
...about MEP
Tim Scoggins, DegreeQuest, Coast Guard Education Service Chief,
“I find Making Education Possible a remarkable organization. Over the last few years we have helped over 6,000 students reach their educational goals.”

Tim Scoggins
LIEUTENANT COMMANDER (RET.), Founder & President, National College Counseling Center; former Service Chief of Voluntary Education, U.S. Coast Guard
Chris Cebollero, Cebollero & Associates,
“I’ve known Shara for over a decade, and her dedication to educational excellence and student success has been inspirational. If you are looking to help your workforce achieve their educational goals, put your trust in Shara and Making Education Possible to guide your employees to success.”
Chris Cebollero
Senior Partner Cebollero & Associates, Internationally Recognized EMS Leader, Author and Advocate
AADNS, American Association of Director of Nursing Service,
NAPLN, National Association of Licensed Practical Nurses,
NGAT, National Guard Association of Texas,
AANAC, American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination,
NGAFL, National Guard Association of Florida, Florida National Guard,
MCN, Missouri Center of Nursing,
NGAC, National Guard Association of California,
The Good Samaritan Society
College Acceleration Summit, Education Webinar,
LifeCare, LifeMart
EANGKY, Enlisted Association of the National Guard of Kentucky,
Southern Health Partners
CNA Refresher Course, Certified Nursing Assistant Online Course,
CLEP study guides, SpeedyPrep, start earning college credit now,
Excelsior College Nursing Exam study guides, ECE, RNNursingPrep, LPN to RN, LVN to RN,
Online EMS training, Texas EMS School,
Chiropractor to Nurse Practitioner, Mid America Learning,,
DANTES, dsst, get college credit, dsst prometric,
University of Notre Dame discounts on online Executive Certification,
Villanova University discounts on online certificates,
Florida Tech, Florida Tech Online discount on tuition,
Michigan State University, Discount on tuition for Michigan State University,
New England College, Discount on tuition for New England College online,
DNI, Dallas Nursing Institute, RN to BSN,
University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine discount on tuition,
Jacksonville University, Jacksonville University discount on tuition, RN to BSN,
University of Florida discount on tuition,
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